THIRDS Thursdays

THIRDS Thursdays

What is THIRDS Thursday? It’s a day for all things THIRDS, and a little thank you to all you amazing THIRDS fans. Every Thursday we’ll have a post on something THIRDS related, whether it’s short Flash Fiction (200-1000 words) based on prompts you post, character interviews, recipes, quizzes, giveaways, and more. For the flash fiction, there are two ways to submit prompts:

For members of the THIRDS Nerds Goodreads group: I’ll also cross post them to the THIRDS Thursdays Flash Fiction folder here. And you can leave your prompts along with images here.

You can also leave prompts and links here on this page. Please try not to get upset if your prompt doesn’t get picked. There’s also the chance your prompt is either already happening in a an upcoming THIRDS release or is scheduled to be written and would therefore be a spoiler.  

The only rule to this is that your prompts have to fall in line with the current series timeline. So I’m afraid until Austen and Zach’s book gets released, there won’t be any sexy-times between them or anything that doesn’t happen before the book. But if you want a sweet scene between them that reflect their current relationship, go for it! Same for the other couples: Dex & Sloane, Ash & Cael, Calvin & Hobbs, Seb & Hudson, Lou & Bradley. You can even include childhood shenanigans with Dex & Cael. Family moments. So remember, no Flash Fiction spoilers before the actual books have come out. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. ;)

* THIRDS Thursday takes a hiatus the month of a THIRDS book release.  

***Due to unfortunate circumstances, THIRDS posts that are tagged and labeled as NSFW are password protected. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like the password, simply email me (, PM me on Facebook, or use the contact form here:

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  1. I’d like a scene with Seb and Hudson in their Therian form, how their tiger/wolf sides see and think about each other. What’s their dynamic? Are they playful? Protective? Do they like to groom each other? :)
    If it’s not possible because their book isn’t released yet, I’d ‘settle’ for Ash and Cael. ;)

  2. I would love love love to see Destructive Delta get roped into playing the Newlyweds Game. This includes Rosa, Letty and their significant others. Maybe at the bar one night with Lou and Bradley “hosting” . 😋

  3. I would like to read about Seb marking Hudson during the heat of their passionate moment and how each of them react after that

  4. Do Therians like to chase pigeons? If they did, I imagine the aftermath of catching (and maybe eating!) one once they shifted back to human would be… interesting!

  5. I’d like to see what Letty and Ash’s first meeting was like.

  6. It occurs to me that Mrs. Bauman has seen many candid moments of our boys in unusual circumstances. Would love to see a story about any of those erstwhile adventures from that awesome little old lady ninja’s POV!

  7. Would love to see Cael and Ash baking on a lazy rainy saturday. Cakes, cookies, all kinds of heavenly sugary goods. Maybe Ash finally sharing or showing the how-to of a recipe Cael just never could get right. Just them goofing off and having a good day. Would like it to be after they got officially together. And as always, a little touchy-feely never hurt anyone.. ;)

  8. I remember reading one about Dex and Sloane and they where telling each other their first impressions of each other and I can’t remember where it was, this website or as a guest post. Does anybody know?? Or did I just imagine it??

  9. Dex bring Sloane to his high school reunion where he met his first love.

  10. That time when Dex and Hudson were getting drunk together at Dekatria! The duo must have had caused some trouble!!

  11. That time when Hudson and Dex were getting drunk at Dekatria! The duo must had caused some trouble!!

  12. I so agree with Britt. I really need more Lou and Bradley in particular from the later books where they seem more established.
    On a similar note, are we going to get their book? I see it has been removed from WIP. I really need more of those two ;-) :-) and I think Bradley has a mighty interesting past …

  13. anything with Lou and Bradley please, maybe their first date? I would love to see how that went!

  14. I can’t remember if this has been done, and I believe it hasn’t.. I am busy re-reading (actually listening for the first time) the series, and I think it could be interesting to see Ash and Sloane having a few drinks or coffee (recovering) etc a day or week or what ever after Maddock threatens them with Besty, and then also how Cael and Ash maybe laugh at them being in shock.

  15. I would love to get a glimpse of what Dex and Sloane will be like as parents!

  16. Don’t know if that’s been asked yet, but could we maybe get something about Rafe and Nina? How they got together or maybe the night he woke up screaming and she found out about his condition? I would love to see him vulnerable instead of always just the bad brother… =)

  17. I really want to see something about what Taylor is really thinking when he is around Dex. Is it a dominance thing because Dex says no or does he really feel something? Pretty please!

    • I second this notion! Would really love pretty much anything with Taylor in it, especially if it involves Dex! Would be extra awesome if it was from Taylor’s perspective :)

  18. I’d love to see some more Cash interaction in feral form!
    Like Cael giving Ash a belly rub or them grooming each other, or Ash carrying Cael around like a kitten <3

  19. I’d love to see Dex and cael to somehow talk Sloane and ash into a wet t-shirt competition

  20. Something with the girls – they don’t get enough screen time, and I would love to read something with either Letty or Rosa.

  21. Ash and Cael are playing out somewhere in their therian forms, when one of them gets caught in a bear trap. They get comforted by the other while they get helped.

  22. Dex celebrating Sloane’s birthday
    Or Dex and Sloane celebrating an anniversary

  23. Dex and Sloan and Cael geeking out over the easter eggs in Rogue One!!

    • How about the moment Han dies? I know I screamed and cried; I wonder what Dex, Sloane and Cael would do! Ash would have his hands full!

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