THIRDS Thursdays

THIRDS Thursdays

What is THIRDS Thursday? It’s a day for all things THIRDS, and a little thank you to all you amazing THIRDS fans. Every Thursday we’ll have a post on something THIRDS related, whether it’s short Flash Fiction (200-1000 words) based on prompts you post, character interviews, recipes, quizzes, giveaways, and more. For the flash fiction, there are two ways to submit prompts:

For members of the THIRDS Nerds Goodreads group: I’ll also cross post them to the THIRDS Thursdays Flash Fiction folder here. And you can leave your prompts along with images here.

You can also leave prompts and links here on this page. Please try not to get upset if your prompt doesn’t get picked. There’s also the chance your prompt is either already happening in a an upcoming THIRDS release or is scheduled to be written and would therefore be a spoiler.  

The only rule to this is that your prompts have to fall in line with the current series timeline. So I’m afraid until Austen and Zach’s book gets released, there won’t be any sexy-times between them or anything that doesn’t happen before the book. But if you want a sweet scene between them that reflect their current relationship, go for it! Same for the other couples: Dex & Sloane, Ash & Cael, Calvin & Hobbs, Seb & Hudson, Lou & Bradley. You can even include childhood shenanigans with Dex & Cael. Family moments. So remember, no Flash Fiction spoilers before the actual books have come out. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. ;)

* THIRDS Thursday takes a hiatus the month of a THIRDS book release.  

***Due to unfortunate circumstances, THIRDS posts that are tagged and labeled as NSFW are password protected. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like the password, simply email me (, PM me on Facebook, or use the contact form here:

THIRDS Thursday Flash Fiction eBooks now available! Read more about them and what it means for stories posted before 12/10/15 here.


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  1. melissakatheryn

    The first time Cael had coffee. :) Would love it if it happened with Cael is a kid (maybe he drank it on accident). Oh, and he MUST shift into his cheetah form at some point. Thanks!!

  2. Heyya Charlie,
    Not sure if it’s already been prompted yet but I would like to see Dex running in to some of his old co-workers from the HPF

  3. Xitlali Calvillo

    How about one where Letty’s boyfriend hangout with the team?

  4. Xitlali Calvillo

    I’m not sure if this was asked for yet or not but I would like a moment where Hudson and Dex get terribly drunk. :)

  5. I’m not sure if this has been asked yet. But can we see the scene mentioned in Darkest Hour Before Dawn, where Sebastian, Sloan and Tony, suffer through the summer the cooling system in morgue malfunctioned?

  6. Xitlali Calvillo

    I always wondered what Hudson thought of Dex when he met him for the first time.

  7. Xitlali Calvillo

    I would like a moment where Dex and Sloane get invited to Hobb’s house while his brother’s aren’t home and meet his parents for the first time.

  8. Ash is always so mega sweet to Cael, which is adorable, but I’d like to see something I don’t think we’ve seen much of before. Ash mad at Cael. It would be cool to read something with Ash mad at Cael and Cael tries to make it up to him. Thanks!

  9. I really would like to read what happened after the Chuck E. Cheese incident from Hobbs point of view.

  10. I want to see a 1st of April Fools Day pranks. (Cuz we all know you are a Mistres in having your fans crawling on the floor in laughter fits.)

  11. Xitlali Calvillo

    I would like to see something written about Tony’s sister, but something current not when Dex and Cael were small. Maybe when she meets Sloane and Ash for the first time or she comes to visit Tony, Dex and Cael at work.

  12. Xitlali Calvillo

    There is something that is always being brought up in the books. A moment when Dex supposedly dropped a gummy bear into a grenade launcher. :D

  13. Xitlali Calvillo

    How about a story where Dex and Destructive Delta run into some of Dex’s old teammates or friends from the Human Police Force?

  14. I would love to see when Seb mark Hudson from Seb’s pov. What urge or push him to do so, as Seb is one of the chillest and wisest character in THIRDS.

  15. I feel so bad about Taylor after reading Darkest Hour Before Dawn. Can we have Taylor and Dex spend a day together, like a date (not romantically ofc), running for an errand or sth. Or, what makes Taylor realize his feelings for Dex, and when?

  16. I would love to see the gang take a vacation. Conveniently to and when ComiCon is (or some other similar event). Maybe Dex buys tickets for everyone and nobody makes the connection that ComiCon is happening at the same time/place until they’re there. I can just see Dex and Cael going crazy.

  17. So I would LOVE to see a scene where everyone in Destructive Delta fills the office with pygmy goats (like the ones from Seb & Hudsons book) as a prank on Dex.

  18. I can’t recall if this has been requested or actually written before, but can we get the scene of Ash getting hit with the old ladies purse?

  19. Xitlali Calvillo

    How about that talk that Dex and Hobbs were going to have in Rise & Fall after Dex found out his team was taken off the Hogan case and through a fit in the locker room. :)

    • Funny you brought that one up- I just re-read that part last night on round two of the series. I’d love to see that scene from Hobbs’ point of view. Something must have gotten to him since he spoke Ron dex for the first time! Shared pain?

  20. Isabelle MAHINDRE

    Hello Charlie,

    I’m really looking forward the next THIRDS book, Darkest hour before dawn.
    But what about prompts about the rest of the team dealing with Dex & Sloane going TIN ? I miss Cal & Hobbs !!!!!!
    Thanks in advance !!!!!

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