THIRDS Thursdays

THIRDS Thursdays

What is THIRDS Thursday? It’s a day for all things THIRDS, and a little thank you to all you amazing THIRDS fans. Every Thursday we’ll have a post on something THIRDS related, whether it’s short Flash Fiction (200-1000 words) based on prompts you post, character interviews, recipes, quizzes, giveaways, and more. For the flash fiction, there are two ways to submit prompts:

For members of the THIRDS Nerds Goodreads group: I’ll also cross post them to the THIRDS Thursdays Flash Fiction folder here. And you can leave your prompts along with images here.

You can also leave prompts and links here on this page. Please try not to get upset if your prompt doesn’t get picked. There’s also the chance your prompt is either already happening in a an upcoming THIRDS release or is scheduled to be written and would therefore be a spoiler.  

The only rule to this is that your prompts have to fall in line with the current series timeline. So I’m afraid until Austen and Zach’s book gets released, there won’t be any sexy-times between them or anything that doesn’t happen before the book. But if you want a sweet scene between them that reflect their current relationship, go for it! Same for the other couples: Dex & Sloane, Ash & Cael, Calvin & Hobbs, Seb & Hudson, Lou & Bradley. You can even include childhood shenanigans with Dex & Cael. Family moments. So remember, no Flash Fiction spoilers before the actual books have come out. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. ;)

* THIRDS Thursday takes a hiatus the month of a THIRDS book release.  

***Due to unfortunate circumstances, THIRDS posts that are tagged and labeled as NSFW are password protected. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like the password, simply email me (, PM me on Facebook, or use the contact form here:

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  1. I would love to see a Christmas scene with Ethan and Calvin.

  2. I would like to see when Dex goes to get his tattoo done.

  3. I’d like to read when everyone finds out that Sloane has chosen to legally be Sloane Daley.


  5. I would to read about Rafe telling to his parents about having the Therian Acheron Syndrome and more Tony Maddock please ;)

  6. Can we see some time with Seb as the team leader and how the team started to heal and trust him. Maybe the scene where Dom finally accepted Seb and their friendship started?

  7. I would love for Dex to barge in on Cael with Ash tied to the bed with the Therian strength cuffs on.

  8. I wish some prompt about Lee & Zoey ! Or Peyton ! Clearly I need more Theta Destructive in my life !

  9. I’m re-reading the series from the top and just got to the part at the beginning of Blood and Thunder where Dex and Ash use Deceptive Dash on the kid, Simon whose brother was kicked out for falling in love with a Therian girl. Can we see what happens to Simon? Did he find Matthew? I’d love to see more interactions with him and Dex too!

  10. I would love to see some shibari scenes with ethan and calvin

  11. Dex and Sloane (and team?) at a Journey concert.

  12. Can we see something to where Dex has a sore throat and the doctor gives him a 24 hour period of no talking

  13. I would like to see Lou and Bradley at the wedding of Seb and Hudson. when they disappeared.

  14. I would love to see the moment Tony and Sparks realized they were interested in each other, whether through a kiss or just the thoughts of one or the other (or both).

  15. I’d like to see some more of Ash and Sloane when they where kids in the facility
    Or maybe some Maddock-Daley family fluff

  16. Could we see Taylor as Team Leader? I would love to see him with his team.

  17. So going into TIN and considering the team is going to be traveling a bit (that’s what it seems like) can we get a bit of Letty and “dimples”? I’m really hoping that relationship continues, but I so want to know how they met and if ‘”dimples” has been warned about Dex. Even a second prompt with “dimples” meeting Dex would be amazing.

    • Xitlali Calvillo

      Yes!!!!! I would love to read a prompt about that meeting. I bet it would hilarious especially when Dex goes with all the Star Trek nonsense!😂

  18. Xitlali Calvillo

    I would love to see the first time Destructive Delta used the Deceptive Dash. 😂

  19. I know a fic with Dex and the gang going to see Star Wars has been done with all its nerdy goodness! But has one been sone with Dex seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. The soundtrack is right up his alley and Peter Quil could be Dex’s long lost brother with their happy-go-lucky attitudes and general goofiness. I would also imagine the opening scene where Peter’s mom gives him the mixtape and letter would strike a chord with Dex since his parents used to make him mix tapes too!

  20. I don’ believe we ever got the story of how Nina & Rafe decided to give it a try. Any chances we could get their moment?

  21. I would like to see when Seb mark Hudson.

  22. We often see Sloane jealous but I would like to see Dex jealous too now he was part Jaguar.

  23. Now that Dex is part Jaguar Therian, does catnip affect him? If so, it might be funny to see the first time he runs into it now that he isn’t 100% Human. I believe there was a post (waaay back) about his Felid teammates reacting to catnip in his uniform pockets during a training session – that was HYSTERICAL.

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