THIRDS Thursday Returns Soon

Hello, all! With all the prep I’ve been doing for Hurricane Irma, and the uncertainty of where the hurricane is heading, writing has been put on hold for this week, and next week. As soon as I’m able we’ll return to our usual schedule, including THIRDS Thursday. We may double up on a couple of weeks depending on how things go, or we’ll have them in October instead of taking that month, but I’ll be sure to let you all now. Thank you all so much for your warm wishes, and I’ll keep you all posted on how things are going. For all my fellow Floridians. Stay safe.

In the meantime, is there a particular prompt you would love to see a flash fiction story for? Leave it in the comments below. Or maybe you really want a THIRDS Thursday for a particular couple. Let me know below as well.

x Charlie


  1. We have seen some prompts about Cael’s ex’s but how about Dex? Not necessarily Lou, Dex had to have had more ex-boyfriends, why not have a moment when the whole team or even just Dex and Sloane run into an ex?

  2. I can’t wait until I can read about Dex’s insane bachelor party! Until then, my two cents…

    How about an option:

    Dex and Sloane (with or without the rest of Destructive Delta) vs. jealous Therian chasers who collect (or try to) scars, as mentioned in earlier books.


    Old HPF “brethren” (the ones who beat the shit out of him in book one or some who wanted to) of Dex’s overhear him talking about his marriage.

  3. I would love to know how Letty first introduced Dimples the Firefighter without anyone suspecting anything about his real name or why she wouldn’t tell and how the nickname happend. The girls need some screentime, too =)

  4. I’d like to read how Sloane got through his work days while Dex was on mandatory leave after being tortured.

  5. I actually have two prompt suggestions

    Prompt: It was hinted that Sparks and Tony had a thing… Can we get a story about how that came about.

    Prompt 2: For some reason none of Dex’s sweets are available anywhere in the Thirds HQ. Oh, and it was all Ash’s doing!

  6. It’s always good to hear that the people you know on any level and their dogs are safe and sound. :)

    My prompt: The first time Beta Ambush and/or Theta Destructive witnesses one of Dex’s “uh-oh” moments in the field.

  7. Thank you all so much for your wonderful messages. We were very fortunate. Very little damage, and power only out for one day. I have quite a bit to catch up on, including edits for Tried & True, bit hopefully we’ll get back to THIRDS Thursday’s regular schedule next week. <3

  8. Same here at hoping you and yours are okay in FL.

    My prompt suggestion: How about Sparks testing the limits of Dex’s half-Therian butt. It seems like a good idea for Destructive Delta to be familiar for call-outs.

  9. Hope things go well and are safe for you! I realized that we’ve seen Cael mad at Ash before, but we’ve never seen Ash mad at Cael. I would like Ash to be mad at Cael for something, and he somehow gets his forgiveness.

  10. Being born and raised in FL (just moved to a state that gets snow not long ago) there are alot of people I hope will be okay. I hope you will be, too. As for a prompt…

    (After Dex and Sloane get engaged maybe) I’d like to read about a night or two where nearly everyone at THIRDS HQ get snowed in (like it was mentioned in “Catch a Tiger by the Tail”) and they have to stay in the sleeper bays. Only, everyone gets restless and Sloane lets a little nerd show as he’s forced into going along with whatever Dex does/plays. Maybe add a little muted movie to make up lines to somewhere in there.

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