THIRDS Thursday – Gummy Bears & Grenades ARC Giveaway!

Hello, all! For this week’s THIRDS Thursday we’re having a special giveaway! Gummy Bears & Grenades goes up for pre-order at Dreamspinner Press on September 4th, which is the same day the fabulous folks at The Novel Approach will be hosting the exclusive cover reveal. To celebrate, I’m going to give away 10 ARCs of Gummy Bears & Grenades.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Who’s your favorite THIRDS couple and why?
Giveaway ends September 19th (Eastern US time).
Winners will be chosen at random an announced on the blog on September 19th.
ARCs will go out September 20th.

Let the shenanigans begin!



  1. Sloane and Dex! Obviously we spent the most reading time being emotionally invested in them and the way they keep growing together is awesome. I love all the dark touches to their story, because otherwise it would be sickly sweet, they are so perfect together.
    Although I could totally imagine myself falling hard for the couples whose stories are yet to come. Calvin and Hobbes and Seb and Hudson already came close, Zach and Austin or Lou and Bradley might actually top it. =)

  2. Wow! That’s a really hard question to answer. There was something about every single of those boys that had me rooting for them, whether it was Cael and Ash overcoming their insecurities, or Hobbs and Calvin fiercely fighting their personal demons to make their relationship work, or how Seb and Hudson proved that second time is a charm (they reminded me so much of Jane Austen’s Persuasion)….but I keep coming back to Dex and Sloane. Perhaps because they were my introduction to the THIRDS world but I fell in love with them as individuals as well as a couple. Watching them become more comfortable with the idea of being in love, how they navigated being professional colleagues as well as domestic partners and now, dealing with realities of Dex changing has been refreshing and so very real. I think Smoke and Mirrors was the book that really resonated especially since they hit a big bump in their relationship despite having been together a while. And somehow I love how they complement each other so well. Can’t wait for the next book!

  3. Although i love Sloane and Dex, my favorite couple is Calvin and Hobbs. Because they are sweet. They make me want to cuddle them both up and never let them go. I think it’s mainly because they have been there for each other, and that no matter what Calvin hasn’t turned his back on Hobbs.

  4. My favorite couple is Hudson and Seb :) I just love these two! The went through so much and are still able to find their way back to each other. I love the whole “suffering-while-apart-but can’t-be-together-trope. It just makes it so much better when they’re finally get their act together and realize they’re made for each other :)

  5. Okay this is hard…Obviously I’m most emotionally invested in Dex and Sloane, but I love Ash and Cael as a couple and I was cheering for Calvin and Hobbs to get their own books from the first book I read. Okay, I refuse to pick a favorite because I don’t want to make any of them feel bad.

  6. I love each couple for different reasons. I adore them all. Choosing a favourite is hard. But Dex and Sloane are the foundation for everything. They have the most page time. They have a connection with every single other couple. They are the powerhouse couple everyone has been backing from the very beginning!

  7. Dex and Sloane all the way! I can’t pass up a guy like Dex that’s so far from the norm (and a man-child). As much as he drives everyone up the wall with his antics the same people can’t help but fall for his sincerity and charm. As for Sloane, there’s nothing more amusing or sweet than watching him get wrapped around Dex’s little finger one 80s song at a time.

    A series’ original couple always seems the most sincere and I definitely get the most attached to them.

  8. I absolutely love them all! But, I predictably, I adore Dex & Sloan, of course. Who wouldn’t?! Dex being so crazy & hilariously funny, and Sloan being so sweet and understanding. And the passion they have for each other! I can’t wait for each new adventure they share.

  9. Seb and Hudson for sure. I like getting to see Hudson a little less prim and proper because Seb gets him so wound up.

  10. Ash and Cael. I love when big badass jerks (with a secret heart of gold) turn to mush for a smaller sweetheart. It makes me happy.


    Cal and Ethan because I just love Ethan!

  12. Austen and Zach. Just because they’re Austen and Zach

  13. Cael and Ash are my favorite couple. Ash is such a badass unless he’s around Cael. And even though he’s a THIRD agent Cael reminds me of those geeky characters that I love so much. Put them together and you have hard but sweet which to me makes a great read.

  14. Marcella Moussally

    My favorite THIRDS couple is Ethan and Calvin. I think they bring out the best in each other. Calvin compliments Ethan and vice verse. They sometimes don’t need words to vocalize what they’re trying to say. It’s a beautiful connection.

  15. I also love all of the couples, but like Stan – Ash and Cael (aka Chirpy) are special. Cael has been a great influence on Ash. I love seeing the big, bad lion purr like a kitten (figuratively speaking) when Cael’s around. TheThirdsThursday Bed, Bath and Beyond trip is one of my favorites.

  16. My favorite couple from the THIRDS universe is Ash and Cael, I really appreciate that both characters felt so strongly about one another for such a long time: Cael just seeing and understanding more about Ash than others; and Ash figuring out what his feelings for Cael meant. It was sweet to see Ash heal and grow before being ready to be with Cael. And it’s fun to see how Cael brings out a different aspect of Ash’s personality.

  17. Not an easy decision, because I love the guys, but if I have to chose, it will be Dex and Sloane. They’re the couple from the books, I can feel the most.

  18. I love Ethan and Calvin, they are so sweet with each other! They’ve been in love for such a long time, I’m glad they are finally together. They’ll do everything for each other. I hope we’ll see more of them in the future books!

  19. Sexy pants is my favorite because they are the original couple, and the reason behind the series beginning. Without them none of the other couples would have found happiness because they would have no book to be written in XD. Also Dex is my favorite character ❤

    Last thing: it’s my new head cannon that Jaz from “Finding Mr. Wrong” gets his lemon cake from Joe’s pie place from “Forgive and Forget”.

  20. Well I adore Dex and Salone cause they both get me right in the feels, but I’ve gotta say Hudson and Seb are my favorite. I know what it’s like to leave a relationship when you are so in love and then to reunite years later still just as in love. It’s like coming home and taking your first breath in years when you didn’t realize you were homesick and suffocating all that time. I just want to give them both hugs and say “well done”.

  21. O man the choices. Hmmm I have to say Seb and Hudson. They have so much love for each other. It was hard for them to be apart from each other but in the long run when they got back together their love was even stronger. They are so cute together and have some funny moments too.

  22. I love all the couples. I can’t really choose any over the others, but if I MUST pick, I’ll have to go with Dex and Sloane. The shenanigans Dex gets into and caring from Sloane are awesome. Can’t wait to read the upcoming books!

  23. This was a tough decision between Ethan and Calvin and Sloane and Dex. In the end I’ve gone with Sloane and Dex because reading about them not only makes me smile, but I wind up laughing like a loon for most of the time too. Dex is my favourite character, he’s kind, brave, caring, seriously funny and together with Sloane they are so sweet!

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