The THIRDS: Dream Team

Hello all! Many authors turn to various sources for visual inspiration. TV and movie actors, musicians, models, photography, and so on. For me, it’s always been difficult to cast actors as characters in my stories. Mostly, because when I write, I tend to have an image in my head of what they’re like, and trying to find the right visual inspiration to fit my image is a lot of work.

It’s just tough finding actors who I think not only look the part, but who I could see playing the role. Well, with my THIRDS series, I found my dream team pretty quick. Obviously everyone will see the characters differently, and I may end up changing an actor or two along the way, but I managed to find my cast. Woo!

The hardest to find was Dex, but I think Chris Pine would be a perfect fit. He has the exact color eyes, has played a blond, is adorable, sexy, and silly. He also has a gorgeous smile. I needed an actor who could pull off Dex’s energy–not to mention shenanigans, and I think he can. You can check out my dream team on my THIRDS Pinterest board here:ย


  1. I may need you to send me some of those actors’ names. ;-) BTW, I ADORE Chris Pine! He’s my computer wallpaper.

    • Hi Melanie! Yeah, I think I got it right with these guys. It doesn’t usually come to me that quickly, but these all fell into place. I’ve got plenty more ‘inspirational’ pictures here on my Pinterest. They have their own album. Also, the pics have the actor/actress’s name. //

      I love Chris Pine! I knew he would be absolutely perfect for Dex. He’s got that cheeky look, and he can do it all, comedy, drama, action, romance, and he’s so lovely to look at. *sigh*

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