Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards nomination and voting!

Hello, all! A hug thank you to everyone who nominated me and the THIRDS fellas for this year’s Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards!! Thank you so much! If you fancy voting for the THIRDS fellas, the polls are now open, and we’ve been nominated in the following categories:

All Time Favorite Author: Charlie Cochet
Best Action/Suspense/Adventure: Smoke & Mirrors
Best Friends to Lovers: Catch a Tiger by the Tail
Best Established Couple: Dex & Sloane
All Time Favorite M/M Series: THIRDS
Best Law Enforcement: Smoke & Mirrors
Best Anthology: THIRDS Beyond the Books: Vol 1
Best Paranormal: Smoke & Mirrors
Best Book of the Year: Smoke & Mirrors
Best Audio Narrator: Mark Westfield – (Smoke & Mirrors)
Best Main Character: Dex – (THIRDS Beyond the Books: Vol 1)
Best Cover Art: Smoke & Mirrors

Polls are open until December 31st and you can find the links to all the category polls here (scroll down to message 38)://—polls-now-open

Thank you again for your nomination! You all are amazing! ❤️‍


I’ve Been Nominated! M/M Romance Group Members Choice Awards

Hello all! I’m super excited that An Intrepid Trip to Love,The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe,and The Only Star have been nominated in the M/M Romance Group 2013 Members Choice Award in several categories!!! Thank you all so much to the wonderful folks who’ve nominated me, and for those who’ve voted. Thank you so much!

If you fancy voting for Trip or Johnnie, the poll is here:


Nominations are:

An Intrepid Trip to Love300

An Intrepid Trip to Love:


The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe:

The Only Star300

The Only Star


The Auspicious Troubles of Chance is up for Book of the Month!

Hello all! I just found out some lovely reader has nominated The Auspicious Troubles of Chance to be September’s Book of the Month over at the GoodReads M/M Romance Group. I’m up against some darn awesome authors, so it’ll be tough, but if you fancy voting for Chance, I would greatly appreciate it. It’s my first time being nominated, so thank you to the reader who nominated Chance, and the folks who have already voted.

You can find the poll here://

Voting ends August 25th.

Auspicious Troubles of Chance mini bookmarkthumbnail

My Love Has No Boundaries story is up!

An Intrepid Trip to Love200Hello all! I’m so excited to announce that my Love Has No Boundaries story is up in the Goodread’sM/M Romance Group. As a celebration for reaching 10,202 members, the M/M Romance Group has released my story early, making that a total of 5 stories which have been released!

If you’d like to read An Intrepid Trip to Love, you can find it here://—10-200-member-early-bonus-s

Hope you enjoy reading about these fellas as much as I enjoyed writing them!

x Charlie

LHNB Cover Reveal!

Hello all! I wanted to share the cover for my Love Has No Boundaries story An Intrepid Trip to Love. Coming up with a cover for this one was tough, because there’s a kiddie in the story, which I’ve not had before. I loved writing Robbie. He’s just so adorable and too much like his dad. I think I managed to capture the feel of the story with the cover, and I just love all their sweet smiles, especially Boone’s grin on the left there. The other challenge was whether or not to put in actually Huskies, and I did have a version where I did, but it just didn’t feel right. Instead I decided to do things a little differently and have the fellas’ shadows be their shifter halves. Well, hope you like it!

An Intrepid Trip to Love450

Wrapping up my Love Has No Boundaries story and more!

workinprogressOkay, so last night, I finished my Love Has No Boundaries story and sent it off to my beta! It came in at 33,699 words. I knew it was going to be novella length, and figured it would be about the same size as my Love is Always Write story Roses in the Devil’s Garden. Yeah, no. Trip is a mouthy little so-and-so, as you may have deduced from the little snippets I’ve been posting. I have to say though, I have had so much fun writing Trip and the Devil Dogs. Hopefully everyone else will love them as much as I do. This will be my first non-historical. Though technically, Mending Noel was my first non-historical, but it’s a Christmas Story, and it’s about elves. I’ve also been collecting fun little tid-bits from the story to share once the story is released by the MM Romance Group.

Trip’s story is about Husky shifters in an urban fantasy setting. I don’t know how much I can give away. Anyway, it has a title and that title may or may not have a Book #1 attached to it. *Le gasp!* Okay, I don’t know why I gasped in French there, but yes, I am already working on the second story. I’m hoping against hope that I can finish it by the end of the month, so if the publisher contracts it, folks won’t have to wait so long, like they’ve had to do with my other series. The second book should come in at around the same length. I’m also working on Johnnie’s story (the boy has been getting impatient), and then Jack’s story. Yep, Jack and Rudy are getting their own Christmas story. The moment I’d finished Mending Noel I knew I wanted to have a story with the grumpy, sexy, dangerous Jack Frost and his equally sexy pilot. So stay tuned for more on that.

After that, I’ve got a four book contemporary shifter series I’m working on. It’s a little different from Trip’s story because it’s not fantasy. The shifters aren’t related to mythical beings in any way, but I’m hoping the idea is original and the that folks will fall in love with the characters. I’ve been spending a lot of time on these folks and I really want this series to be pretty epic. I mean these guys will be getting their own sub-domain, that’s how excited I am about them. I’ve already planned out all four books and know what’s happening in them, I just need to write them. I’m hoping to get the first two started after Jack’s story is done. Then it’ll be a matter of getting all four scheduled and released next year, all full length novels. There will be merchandise and everything. I’ve been slowly working on these guys for about two years now, and that’s just the characters, the timeline, and the backstory, so yeah, a lot is going into this.

There you have it. A run down of what’s to come for the time being. Plus there’s all those other stories waiting. Soon, my pretties, soon. Now back to writing!

x Charlie



Love Has No Boundaries – Introducing Trip

MM Romance Group LHNB event I’ve been a busy little bee, working on my Love Has No Boundaries story and having a great time with it. Not only do I have my MCs all figured out, but I’ve got the whole Hagan Clan mapped out, from the Alpha to the Omega, and everyone in between. You’ve sort of met Robbie Hagan–he would be the one jumping into his dad’s arms trying to escape the spider invasion.

Now let me introduce you to his dad: Tristan ‘Trip’ Hagan and the Devil Dogs, brothers Boone ‘Bo’ Devin and Hunter ‘Hunt’ Devin. Boone and Hunter are Tristan’s enforcers. It’s their job to protect Trip and Robbie, though as Robbie is to become the Hagan Clan’s next Alpha, Trip’s father (the current Alpha), has a habit of stressing how much more important Robbie is over Trip–his disgraced son who was meant to have been the next Alpha. What happened to Trip? Well, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait on that one. Obviously no one is more important to Trip than his son, and he wouldn’t want it any other way. But they don’t call Boone and Hunter the ‘Devil Dogs’ for nothing. They’re more than capable of handling anything that comes their way.

Trip Boone and Hunter

Due to the events that happened five years ago, Trip has lost his place as the next Alpha, which is fine with him as it’s a position he never wanted anyway. What he does want, is to leave the past behind him and concentrate on raising his son to be the kind of compassionate, open-minded Alpha the clan has never had, one who could lead them to a brighter future. There’s no room in Trip’s life for anymore drama, especially when it comes in the form a secret he’s been harboring since he was a pup, a secret that could once again bring his shame within the clan to the surface, and relationships are strained-even hostile at times, as it is. But little does Trip know that closing in are dangers far more deadly, and nothing stays secret forever.

The Hagan Clan:

Ward & Isa Hagan, Jerick & Briana Holt

Matthias & Vita Hagan (formerly Vita Holt)
Alphas’ Children: Trip, Aiden, Kayla, Addison
Pups: Robbie (belonging to Trip & his ex-wife Brook) Lily & Pepper & another one on the way (belonging to Kayla & Rhys)

Pack Members:

High Rank:
Caine & Farryn Olander
Children: Rhys, Summer, Deacon

Medium Rank (previously high rank):
Pierce & Skyrah Jannsen
Children: Brook (Trip’s ex-wife and close friend), Ari

Low Rank (Enforcers):
Varek (deceased) & Cora Devin
Children: Ivy,Trip’s Enforcers: Boone and Hunter
Pups: Ravyn & Corbin (twin boys, belonging to Ivy & Duncan)

Logan Kelsey
Children & Alphas’ Enforcers: Cy, Duncan, AshleyOmega (not an enforcer): Aurick

So that’s the pack, a total of 28 adults and 5 kids. The Hagan Clan has survived centuries by holding onto it’s old world traditions, but could those very traditions and the Alpha’s stubbornness to change his ways, bring about its demise? Will Trip resign himself to living with a broken heart? Who else shares Trip’s secret and longing? Stay tuned…

M/M Romance Group’s ‘Love Has No Boundaries’ Writing Event!

Love Has No Boundaries eventHello all! As some of you may know, last year I participated in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Love is Always Write event for the first time. The story was Roses in the Devil’s Garden and I was so over the moon to see how many folks enjoyed it, that I decided to once again take part in their writing event. This year it’s Love Has No Boundaries. The image and letter I chose was provided by the lovely Nikyta and it’s for a sweet, funny, contemporary shifter romance.

The moment I saw the picture, I just couldn’t resist. I though it suited me perfectly. You can see the picture on the group thread here. If you’re not a member, this is the photo and prompt:

MM Romance Group LHNB event

Dear Author,

It is just the two of them after he fulfilled his obligation to have a pup. But they need someone who will kill the spiders infesting their house. Please send help!

*Note – Must have an HEA, please. A funny, sweet shifter romance would be preferable but no exes, menage or cheating/open relationship. Thanks!

ETA: And very little sex or none at all, please!!


I’m so excited about getting to write this and I hope folks will enjoy it. More info to come as we get further into the event.

For those unfamiliar with the event, scores of fantastic folks choose images with ‘Dear Author’ letters attached by the group’s members and authors write a story as per request. The stories are all then published for free in the group and then later on, authors can publish it on their own sites as well. If all goes well, after it’s been published in the M/M Romance Group, I’ll make it available here and on All Romance eBooks like Roses in the Devil’s Garden. Wish me luck!

x Charlie