Stop Two on The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour: Sue Brown’s Blog


Hi all! Today The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour stops by Sue Brown’s blog for stop two! Catch the second excerpt from Chapter Two and enter for a chance to win some nifty prizes!

Tour Info:

The tour has 13 stops. The first 6 stops are a personally guided tour conducted by the man himself, Jonathan Wolfe. The remaining 7 stops will give you the opportunity to meet the brats individually, and in some cases they will have a partner in crime. I heard for the final day, Johnnie has somehow managed to drag Chance along. That should be interesting.

Disclaimer: Please note. I can’t be held responsible for what comes out of Johnnie’s mouth. I’ve been informed he’s on his best behavior, but I think we both know that his definition of “best behavior” differs vastly from ours. 

Serialized Excerpts:

The tour will also feature serialized excerpts consisting of the whole of Chapter Two. So if you haven’t read Chapter One, you can go ahead and do so from either my website here:

or the Dreasmpinner website here:

Here’s all the info for the tour you’ll need. The first stop is The Novel Approach where the lovely Lisa has not only been incredibly kind in letting Johnnie stop by, but has also given The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe an absolutely wonderful 5 star review!!


Tour stops:

11/9 – Welcome to Hawthorne Manor [Excerpt 1] – The Novel Approach

11/11 – Billiard Room Brouhaha [Excerpt 2] – Author Sue Brown

11/12 – A Trip to the Town of Aylesbury [Excerpt 3] –  Author Kim Fielding

11/13 – Time for Tea [Excerpt 4] – Author Lex Chase

11/14 – Stopping for a Pint [Excerpt 5] –  Author Andrew Q. Gordon

11/15 – Visiting the Furry Hat Man [Excerpt 6] – Author Eden Winters

11/18 – Meet Gideon Brooks [Excerpt 7] – Author Michael Rupured

11/19 – Meet Rori Curtis [Excerpt 8] –  Author Shira Anthony

11/20 – Meet Aubrey Jepson [Excerpt 9] – Attention is Arbitrary

11/21 – Meet Oliver Darling [Excerpt 10] – Hearts on Fire

11/22 – Meet Elliot Young [Excerpt 11] – Author Elin Gregory

11/25 – Meet Connor & Edmund Grey [Excerpt 12] – Joyfully Jay

11/26 – The Devilish Duo [Bonus Excerpt] – Mrs. Condit & Friends


1st Prize: $15 Amazon gift card + Impetuous Afflictions signed swag pack + signed 8×10 art print.

2nd & 3rd Prize: Impetuous Afflictions swag pack + signed 8×10 art print.


To Enter

Just leave a comment on any of the blog posts along the tour, along with a contact email address. **If you would still like to enter the contest but don’t wish to leave your email address in the comment, you can also enter by

Winners will be chosen at random and posted on Charlie’s blog at on Monday, December 2nd. Winners will then be notified via email.


Contest ends

Sunday, December 1st at midnight, Eastern Time.


Art Print Designs

Choose from:



Welcome to my new online home! everyone! Well, after many many hours of designing and programming, my new home is ready. I hope you all enjoy the new site as much as the old one. Grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and have a browse. You’ll find old favorites and new content, as well as a free short novella: The Only Star as a thank you for all your awesomeness. I had lots of fun writing that little story, so I hope you enjoy reading about Remi and Hawk’s latest shenanigans. At the moment it’s only available to read on the website, but I promise I’m working on getting it downloadable in various formats. I also had a great time creating the cover.

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I’m also still getting my head around the site’s new layout and functionality, so I do apologize if things are a little slow going at the start. Anyway, on to the fun stuff. To celebrate my grand opening, I’m having a giveaway.


One lucky winner will receive:

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