Round Robin Story Fun


Hello all! I’ve joined some fabulous authors in a game of Round Robin for a free read. What’s a Round Robin story? It’s a type of collaborative storytelling in which each other writes a piece of the story, continuing where the last author left off.ย You can find the story schedule below of when the posts are going up. Since there are a good number of authors, there’s two posts going up a week, and I get to end the story. OMG, no pressure, right?The story is called Different Tracks and it’s a straight up contemporary, a first for me, so should be fun!

I’ve also added the schedule and links to the sidebar so readers can easily find them. Happy reading!

Part 1: Jan 5 –Sophie Bonaste
Part 2: Jan 8 – Brynn Stein
Part 3: Jan 12 – Grace Duncan
Part 4: Jan 15 – Suki Fleet
Part 5: Jan 19 – Elizabeth Noble
Part 6: Jan 22 – Kim Fielding
Part 7: Jan 26 – Lane Hayes
Part 8: Jan 29 – Charlie Cochet


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