Rise & Fall Playlist

Dex's Mix tape300

Hello all! The Rise & Fallplaylist is now up on Spotify and THIRDS HQ! Woot! Happy Listening!

Rise & Fall Spotiy Playlist at THIRDS HQ://thirdshq.com/rise-fall-book-4/playlist/

Rise & Fall Spotify Playlist on Spotify: Rise & Fall (THIRDS, Book 4 Playlist)


  1. I saw “The Scientist” on the playlist and immediately thought, “Oh no.” Such a good song, but I’m nervous about its implications!

    • Hi Bea! Don’t be nervous. In Rise & fall, Sloane wants Dex to come back to him and be the Dex he’s known from the beginning. The case, Hogan, everything is getting to Dex, who’s become a bit obsessed with getting justice for Sloane, while Sloane just wants his lovable Dex back. So the songs aren’t of Dex literally leaving Sloane, but of the hardship the two are facing and their desire to get back to each other. <3

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