Charlie Cochet places you in that time machine and deftly sets you wandering through this story that not only plucks at your heartstrings but does a good bit of tugging at them too. These men, and the boys they’ve transformed into a family, belong nowhere else but to the era in which she’s written them. They work in spite of their misfortunes and because of the love they have for Jacky and Chance. They work because they are charming and charismatic and sympathetic and flawed, and their journey isn’t always easy but is one I was glad to go on.5 Stars

– Lisa The Novel Approach | Read the full reviewhere

I admit I loved delving into Johnnie’s story, although I don’t know as I was quite ready to let go of Chance and Jacky. Thankfully, I didn’t have to let go of them because they are in here too. With this installment we get both, Johnnie and Henry’s tale is the meat and potatoes of the story but Chance and Jacky, as well as Bobby, Alexander, and a motley crew of residents of Hawthorn Manor help create a fulfilling meal. 5 Stars

– Heather from Padme’s Library | Read the full reviewhere

Each and every scene hooked me, either I was drooling or laughing or biting my lip as Johnnie and Henry danced around each other… One of my favorite reads of this year.4_75 Stars

– Anyta Sunday | Read the full reviewhere.

I enjoyed this book… how love can heal nightmarish pasts they have a place in the story. I am enjoying this series and this book was not a disappointment. I’m looking forward to the next story.4 1_2 Stars

– Becky Condit Mrs. Condit & Friends| Read the full reviewhere.

I really am just enthralled with this series. Cochet really is the master of historicals in this time period and she captures the details and setting just so well and so naturally. I love the way Cochet has transitioned us from wartime to this new family and life at Hawthorne Manor. The characters are all so fascinating, and the dynamic she has created between them is wonderful.4 1_2 Stars

– Jay Joyfully Jay | Read the full reviewhere.

If you have read Cochet’s stories before, you know she has a really lovely, fluid writing style. The author’s affection for her characters comes clearly through the pages. .. a lovely, gentle read. I enjoyed Johnnie and Henry’s story, I loved revisiting Chance and Jacky and I really, really want to read more about “brats” and, I think, that is the best recommendation I can give to any story.4 2_5 Stars

– LadyM Reviews by Jessewave | Read the full reviewhere.

Trust me when I say that I sat down and started reading and then couldn’t do anything else until I finished and Johnnie and Henry got their HEA. The characters pull you in and won’t let you go. Get this book and fall into a great story and lose yourself in this amazing story.4 Stars

– Whuppsy Pants Off Reviews | Read the full reviewhere.

All of the characters are endearing, vibrant and memorable. Almost everything about this book it charming. It’s sweet, tender, funny and endearing.4 Stars

– LisaT Attention is Arbitrary | Read the full reviewhere.

…filled with love that oozed off the pages. If you are looking for a feel good, a lil angst, some hot moments and LOVE OH SWEET SWEET LOVE this book is for you.4 Stars

– Mare SlitsRead | Read the full reviewhere.

Overall a very good read. Be prepared for high drama from Johnnie and the baddies in the book. It is about healing and being there for each other. A family is created through their nightmares so it’s not a total downer. I laughed a lot. I’m not always a fan of kids in books but these were adorable. I enjoyed seeing the couple from the previous book and the set up for the next couple in the series. Pretty good read and I’m looking forward to the next one. Also, I love the titles for this series!4 Stars

– Whit Live Your Life, Buy the Book | Read the full reviewhere.

It’s no secret I love Cochet’s writing. She is unique in her approach and her execution of ideas that can sometimes get stale in other writers’ hands. I told her I thought her writing was “jaunty”, which she liked, but I will tell you all now that with this novel she has grown further to add genuine insights into the jauntiness.

– Kit Moss That’s All I Read | Read the full reviewhere.

I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. The drama that occurs when you really love someone, not as a lover but as a friend, and they keep making stupid decisions that you have to confront…it’s powerful in this story.4 Stars

– Gigi MM Good Book Reviews | Read the full reviewhere.

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