The Auspicious Troubles of Chance

The title says it all! Chance is definitely trouble. I couldn’t even begin to guess what kind of man would be able to handle him. Well, the author has done a perfect job when she created Jacky because he the only one who could possibly tolerate Chance. We all know where the two will end up and that’s together, but the story is how they get there. And what a ride it is. This is the first I’ve read Charlie Cochet but it most certainly won’t be the last. 5 Stars

– Heather from Padme’s Library | Read the full review here

The M/M romance is tastefully written, emotionally raw, steamy enough to satisfy, yet not over the top. It flows as a natural complement to the story line and doesn’t contain any of the forced emotions that I’ve sometimes felt when reading in this genre.

This book offers a complete complement of supporting characters as well. The way they build off of each other, the humor that made me laugh out loud, and the poignant moments that nearly brought me to tears, are the deciding factors in my 5 star rating. This story just couldn’t get any better… and the ending is one you’ll just have to read twice! 5 Stars

– Carly Rose from Carly’s Book Reviews | Read the full review here

Goodness gracious – this is exactly what I needed! My God but I just loved this book from the very start to the very end. The love, hope, rebuilding, and comedy were all aspects that I needed at the moment, and this book was a balm to my soul. Cochet is a talented writer, and while this is my first book from her, it certainly will not be my last. 5 Stars

– Leigh from Under the Covers Book Blog | Read the full review here

This was truly a story unlike anything I’ve read in this genre before. The characters themselves are all so well drawn and portrayed, the writing flows and ebbs with emotions and wonderful situations, and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. 4 Stars  

– Susan Mac Nicol The Romance Reviews | Read the full review here

The Auspicious Troubles of Chance by Charlie Cochet is a great heartwarming love story! This is the second book I have read by Ms. Cochet, and to be honest, this author can’t write fast enough for me! 5 Stars & a Purest Delight Award 

– Gennie Gee Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews | Read the full review here

For EVERYONE.  IT IS A MUST-READ no matter what genre you prefer reading. It has a little bit of everything. Trust me, it’s worth it. 5 Stars

– Rya Hearts on Fire Read the full review here

Love, camaraderie, angst and powerful storytelling. All combined to make The Auspicious Troubles of Chance a wonderful tale. 5 Stars

– Pippa Mrs. Condit & Friends Read the full review here

Oh, this was such a good story — romantic, heartwarming, with a lovely epic feel. And once again Cochet gives us a historical that feels so rooted in the time period and allows the reader to really experience the world our characters inhabit. 4_75 Stars

– Jay Joyfully Jay Read the full review here

From the moment the story begins, you get a precise sense of the distinctive voice of our character, and by extension the breadth of voice of the writer. Cochet’s use of language and diction makes the simple image of touch grand, audacious. 4_75 Stars

– Camiele White Yam Magazine Read the full review here

I’ll leave you with my reaction after reading the last page: Oh hell yeah. More from this author, please. 4 1_2 Stars

– MM Good Book Reviews Read the full review here

I had a sneaking suspicion after reading Roses in the Devil’s Garden that I could truly, madly, deeply become hooked on Charlie Cochet’s work. The Auspicious Troubles of Chance is all the proof I needed to quit suspecting and just let it be. 4 1_2 Stars

– Lisa The Novel Approach Read the full review here

This was my first Charlie Cochet’s book and, after reading The Auspicious Troubles of Chance, I’m planning to quickly change that fact. 4 Stars

– LadyM Reviews by Jessewave Read the full review here

A first person narrative which hits many of my buttons. Cochet (as I’ve said before) has talent and a bright future in the genre.  Ms Cochet is a relatively new find for me, but already she’s got five good stories under her belt. Lovers of romance will warm to this exceedingly and will fall in love with the love story itself. 4 Stars

– Erastes Speak Its Name Read the full review here

It is a good story. The outstanding features are the effortless prose and the recreation of the period (1920s). A nice bit of research has gone into describing the Foreign Legion as well, but here I would have liked to see more. The character development is also excellent: Chance’s background and motivation are both credible and interesting, Jacky Valentine is the perfect foil, and the “brats” are funny and charming. 4 Stars 

– Gerry B’s Book Reviews Read the full review here

Cochet is a highly entertaining author of whimsy.  Her characters are both unique and quirky and also strong and likeable.  The story is a sort of picaresque with oddballs facing danger and opportunity in the most inventive ways.  You will want to hear more of Chance and his beloved Jacky. 4 Stars

– Christopher Hawthorne Moss GLBT Bookshelf | Read the full review here 

Thank you Charlie Cochet for writing a historical romance that was delightfully enjoyable to read. I often find historical romance too heavy. Not here. Character driven and quite entertaining. From sexy rendezvous to tender confessions, I couldn’t put this down. 4 Stars

– Lisa T Attention is Arbitrary | Read the full review here

LOVED IT! WHEW WHAT A RIDE!!!! Recommend everyone read this cause it’s such a good book. Humour, some angst, hot sex, sarcasm and Love oh Love. 4 1_2 Stars

– Mare – Slitsread | Read the full review here



Fabulous Pre-release Review for Rise & Fall!


Hello all! The first review for Rise & Fall (THIRDS, Book 4) has gone up and it’s absolutely fabulous! Check out what Susan65 from The Blogger Girls has to say:

There is so much to love about this fourth installment of the THIRDS series…. Charlie Cochet has continued to impress me with this amazing paranormal romance infused with incredible side characters, dialogue and edge-of-your-seat action. If you have not read this series yet, then I highly recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and pick up that first book. This is definitely a series where I eagerly await the next book, but simultaneously dread it ever ending. That speaks volumes and is one of the many reasons this series will remain an absolute favorite.

Read the full review here:

Fabulous review for Hell & High Water on Audiobook from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews!

Hello all! Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews has reviewed the audiobook of Hell & High Water and it’s absolutely amazing!

I absolutely LOVED Hell & High Water back in July when it was first released, it was a HUGE five star read for me. I found myself incredibly excited, that not only had I found a new-to-me author in Charlie Cochet, but also a book that kept me gripped and turning the pages, with characters that completely stole my heart and the promise of so much more in future instalments… I was definitely doing a little happy dance.

… the man’s voice oozes sex, it’s so deep and masculine, with a sexy gravely tone to it that had me melting before he finished saying “Hell & High Water: THIRDS book #1, written by Charlie Cochet”  and continued right to the very end. For the telling of this story, this man is PEFECT!

Read the full review here:

Plus enter the rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win Hell & High Water on audiobook!

My Debut Author Video Reading, a Review, & Giveaway at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews!

SSBRHello all! I’m super excited to share with you my very first Author Reading over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews! Yep, I have finally taken the plunge and have done my first reading. In the video I’ll be reading an excerpt from Blood & Thunder, and let me tell you, reading the part of a bunch of growly agents when you are like the least fiercest person is a challenge! Hope you enjoy!

Make sure to check out the fabulous joint review! And there’s a giveaway!

Check out the amazing Sinfully Sexy Book Review, Guest post, & Giveaway!

Dexter J Daley T-shirt

Hello all! Yep, Dex has been a busy boy! He’s also stopped by Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews for a guest post and giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a signed paperback of Hell & High Water. Plus check out the AMAZING 5 star review!

Holy Moly! What a marvellously wonderful book! It kept me entertained and I was impressed by the outstanding dialogue and the fantastic world building. The writing has an exceptional flow and pace, never getting boring or shallow. Overall, this was sooooo freaking awesome! Thx Charlie for introducing us to tough and sexy Dex and Sloane. 

Read the full review here.

Wonderful Review for Hell & High Water from Joyfully Jay!

Hello all! I’ve had another fantastic review for Hell & High Water. This one is from Joyfully Jay, and she had some fantastic things to say!

Cochet really does a wonderful job developing both this alternate world with its more futuristic technology, along with the paranormal aspect of the Therians. We get wonderful detail on the weapons, the technology, the different types of Therians, the politics, all the little elements that make it seem so real. The world is so well fleshed out and is just so creative and really fascinating. I am super excited about this new series. I love the creative new world Cochet develops here. It is clever and unique and I am so excited to see where things go as the series continues. So a great start and I really can’t wait for more.

Read the full review here:

Fantastic Review for Hell & High Water from Boys in Our Books!


Hello all! I woke up this morning to a wonderful treat! A great review from Ami over at Boys in Our Books for Hell & High Water! Check out some of the lovely things she had to say about it:

But what about the story itself, you say? Like I said, this is probably her best yet. Well, it’s definitely my all-time favorite from her so far – maybe until book #2 is released. If anyone has known me for awhile, I very rarely giving a 4.5 or 5 stars. When I do, usually they are for books that can touch me emotionally. But once in awhile – just like I’m gushing over the new Captain America movie! – a fast-paced book that is just pure entertainment with a great cast of characters, charming banter, EXCITING action (oh, and some explosives!), and a well-worthy villain, can definitely enter my top favorites too. This one is an example.

Read the full review here.

Wonderful 5 star reviews for Hell & High Water!

newreviewHello all! I’m so excited to share with you two more wonderful 5 star reviews that have come in for Hell & High Water. I’m just so thrilled that folks are enjoying the book and looking forward to the next installment. Good thing Blood & Thunder is out in Aug!

T.M. Smith from MM Good Book Reviews says:

This is a must read for fans of alpha male romance, dry and whitty comic relief, mystery, suspense and comradery with some juicy sexual tension and a few sloppy kisses that lead to just a little bit of unbridled passion. I cannot wait for the next book in this series, I have some thoughts about different things that happened in this book, and I can’t wait to see how certain storylines and threats play out. Grab your copy now and get ready for book 2, Blood and Thunder. 

Read the full review here:


Caroline from Prism Book Alliance says:

This book was a fantastic surprise! Great writing, fantastic world building, two interesting and very real Mc’s alongside a great team of secondary characters and an unusual slant on shifters. As book 1 in a new series it did exactly what it should have done and left me desperate for book 2.

Read the full review here:

My first review for Hell & High Water! 5 stars from Susan at The Blogger Girls!!


Hello all! I’ve received my first review of Hell & High Water and to say I’m thrilled would be an understatement. I have no words. All right, I have several. I’m SO excited, and happy, and excited, and oh my god!! A huge thank you to Susan from The Blogger Girls. Here are some of the AMAZING things she had to say about it:

Wake up, people, there is an awesome new series out, and I already know this is going to be one that is talked about, have groups made of it, and will be on everyone’s to-read or wish-list once they see just how much love this series is going to get. Seriously, it is that good. Think of Cut & Run but with a paranormal twist, or any series where there are two alpha male partners that have to work hard for that happily ever after, and where it doesn’t come fast or easy, and with an ending so incredible that you will be thanking every literary star in the universe that the next book is already written and will be released very soon.

Yep, I’m on the floor. Dead. This is…. *happy tears* Check out the full review here:

The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour Starts Today!!


Hello everyone! I’m super excited to be launching The Impetuous Afflictions Blog Tour!! The tour has 13 stops. The first 6 stops are a personally guided tour conducted by the man himself, Jonathan Wolfe. The remaining 7 stops will give you the opportunity to meet the brats individually, and in some cases they will have a partner in crime. I heard for the final day, Johnnie has somehow managed to drag Chance along. That should be interesting.

Disclaimer: Please note. I can’t be held responsible for what comes out of Johnnie’s mouth. I’ve been informed he’s on his best behavior, but I think we both know that his definition of “best behavior” differs vastly from ours. 

Anyway, the tour will also feature serialized excerpts consisting of the whole of Chapter Two. So if you haven’t read Chapter One, you can go ahead and do so from either my website here:

or the Dreasmpinner website here:

Here’s all the info for the tour you’ll need. The first stop is The Novel Approach where the lovely Lisa has not only been incredibly kind in letting Johnnie stop by, but has also given The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe an absolutely wonderful 5 star review!!


Tour stops:

11/9 – Welcome to Hawthorne Manor [Excerpt 1] – The Novel Approach

11/11 – Billiard Room Brouhaha [Excerpt 2] – Author Sue Brown

11/12 – A Trip to the Town of Aylesbury [Excerpt 3] –  Author Kim Fielding

11/13 – Time for Tea [Excerpt 4] – Author Lex Chase

11/14 – Stopping for a Pint [Excerpt 5] –  Author Andrew Q. Gordon

11/15 – Visiting the Furry Hat Man [Excerpt 6] – Author Eden Winters

11/18 – Meet Gideon Brooks [Excerpt 7] – Author Michael Rupured

11/19 – Meet Rori Curtis [Excerpt 8] –  Author Shira Anthony

11/20 – Meet Aubrey Jepson [Excerpt 9] – Attention is Arbitrary

11/21 – Meet Oliver Darling [Excerpt 10] – Hearts on Fire

11/22 – Meet Elliot Young [Excerpt 11] – Author Elin Gregory

11/25 – Meet Connor & Edmund Grey [Excerpt 12] – Joyfully Jay

11/26 – The Devilish Duo [Bonus Excerpt] – Mrs. Condit & Friends


1st Prize: $15 Amazon gift card + Impetuous Afflictions signed swag pack + signed 8×10 art print.

2nd & 3rd Prize: Impetuous Afflictions swag pack + signed 8×10 art print.


To Enter

Just leave a comment on any of the blog posts along the tour, along with a contact email address. **If you would still like to enter the contest but don’t wish to leave your email address in the comment, you can also enter by

Winners will be chosen at random and posted on Charlie’s blog at on Monday, December 2nd. Winners will then be notified via email.


Contest ends

Sunday, December 1st at midnight, Eastern Time.


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A Thank You Photo from Trip

As some of you may know, my Love Has No Boundaries story An Intrepid Trip to Love went up on Sunday, May 26th, and already it has some wonderful reviews. I just wanted to shout out a thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read it, not to mention leave a review. I’ve been blown away by all the comments left in the thread as well. You guys are amazing. All your effort is truly appreciated, and nothing warms my heart more than knowing folks are enjoying it.

Here’s a little family photo for you. My guess is Trip wouldn’t have been able to stop giving his tiny pup kisses no matter how much the pup griped about it. Though I imagine Robbie wouldn’t have been able to resist returning those kisses because he loves his daddy so–even if he is a bit OTT at times.

Trip and Robbie


For those who haven’t read Trip’s story and would like to, you can find it here:—10-200-member-early-bonus-s


x Charlie