Forgive and Forget


As the owner of Apple’n Pies, Joe Applin leads a quiet, uneventful life, content to spend his days serving customers who come from all over to eat his delicious homemade pies. Along with his motley crew—Bea, Elsie, and Donnie—Joe couldn’t be happier in his little kingdom of baked goods and java.

Experience has taught Joe that love is overrated—and at times dangerous. He has no intention of repeating past mistakes. But then he meets a mysterious, handsome man with amnesia, and Joe can’t deny something sweet is in the works. He isn’t one to take risks, not with his heart and certainly not with his life, but the more time he spends with the man he knows as Tom, the closer he is to losing both.


Charlie Cochet may be well known for her paranormal law enforcement series, but she knows how to write a sweet romance better than most. I’ve been enjoying these Dreamspinner Desires stories, and this one is right up there with the best. I highly recommend it, especially if you love a tall, dark, mysterious stranger who comes into the life of a sweet, shy, man deserving of love and then sweeps him up into mystery, suspense, and romance. So good!

~ Hearts on Fire Reviews | Read the full review here.

Charlie Cochet gives us a wonderful mystery to solve and a wonderful,  sexy love story to  read. If you like a quick pick me up, grab this book, smell the coffee and enjoy !!!!

~ Review by Gloria Lakritz Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild | Read the full review here.

[I]t has it all – romance, hotness, fun, mystery, angst, and two MC you can’t help but loving!

~ Alpha Book Club | Read the full review here.

This was my first book by Charlie Cochet I have to admit to my utter shame, but if this is what Charlie can produce in what is essentially a relatively quick read then I’m definitely going to have to start picking up more of her extensive works for sure. The romance is as sweet as one of Joe’s cherry pies, a real treat for those that like soppy romances where you can feel the just love oozing and dripping from the page. It made me feel all warm and cosy reading about these two and their friends, just like Joe’s café. This is still balanced out with the mystery that is Tom which adds a little angst and suspense to stop things getting too sickly sweet.

~ Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews | Read the full review here.

Charlie Cochet is a fan favorite, for sure. And, while her latest novel, Forgive and Forget—a book in Dreamspinner Press’ new classic romance line, Dreamspun Desires—is a pretty large departure from her much loved THIRDS series, I’m sure her fans will still flock to read it. And when they do, they will find that even though it’s a different recipe, it has many of the same ingredients as the popular shifter series, including humor, romance, action, mystery, and heroes with big hearts.

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This story, of a sugary sweet romance between Tom and Joe was a joy to read. I loved every word of it and was honestly kinda bummed when it ended. I feel like I haven’t said enough as I look over the many highlights and notes I have from the story but I’m gonna keep those a bit longer so I can laugh and swoon over the moments a few more times.

Forgive and Forget is another wonderful addition to this series. It’s a story about taking a chance on love, even when the guy who are with may not know his name at the moment,  it’s about trusting your gut and it’s about being rescued and rescuing right back.

~ Oh My Shelves | Read the full review here.

Forgive and Forget is a quick, heartwarming, absorbing story.  I picked it up and forgot about everything else until I put it down.  I wouldn’t even mind if Charlie Cochet gave us a trip back to their world and let us in to see how they are doing, a Forgive and Forget  II. Until then, go grab this up and get started on an enjoyable  trip to a New York pie cafe owned by a man named Joe and his  mystery man searching for love and something more.

~ Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words | Read the full review here.


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