One of the things I love about this time of year is all the holiday stories up for grabs. Another of the things I love about this time of year is that I know Charlie Cochet is going to offer up the next installment in her North Pole City Tales, a series that, if you haven’t jumped on the sleigh ride already, I ha-ha-happily recommend you do. Filled with sugar, and spice, and everything nice—or naughty, in Vixen’s case—Vixen’s Valor is a story of jealousy and betrayal and, eventually, of sacrifice in the name of love. 5 Stars

– Lisa from The Novel Approach | Read the full review here.

Vixen’s Valor is the third book in Charlie Cochet’s North Pole City Tale series. I look forward to this series every single year. I absolutely love it. It’s super sweet and so much fun. From beginning to end—the romance, the interference from the antagonist, the uphill battle with Vale’s family (minus his father, who is kick ass), the date, and all the drama that comes after—this novella is charming and fun and captivating. I enjoyed everything about it. My only complaint is that I’m going to have to wait another year before another North Pole City Tales story comes out. I love them so much, and Vixen’s Valor most of all. I definitely recommend Vixen’s Valor by Charlie Cochet. 4 1_2 Stars

– Crissy from Joyfully Jay | Read the full review here.

We get an excellent story, a blossoming romance, jealousy and insecurity, betrayal and danger and some wonderful romantic moments, along with that dash of Christmas magic that make the Rein Dear stories so wonderful. I recommend this to those who love fantasy and magic, elves and Christmas, love and longing, danger and sacrifice, forgiveness and hope and a wonderful happy ending. 4 Stars

– Pixie from MM Good Books Reviews | Read the full review here.

If you have enjoyed the first two installments of the North Pole City Tales series by Charlie Cochet (Mending Noel and The Heart of Frost), then you are probably as excited for this year’s installment as I was. If you haven’t read Ms. Cochet’s take on the North Pole mythos and the creatures of the snow, I highly recommend this series. 4 1_2 Stars

– Brandilyn from Prism Book Alliance | Read the full review here.

“If you’ve not read any of the North Pole City Tales yet, then you’re in for a treat because these really do bring to mind the fantasy Christmas stories that I remember being entranced by when I was a kid. What I do love, is that even though these charming treats are for a more mature audience, Charlie still manages to give them that enchanting fairytale feel, and she really injects the true magic of Christmas into these cute, sexy “Toyland” style stories in a way that just works!” 4 Stars

– Macky from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews | Read the full review here.

This is such a fun series! Charlie Cochet has put together a sweet holiday saga laced with visions of sugar plum fairies, toy soldiers, Santa’s elves, and the highly esteemed Rein Dear squad. Her subtle sense of North Pole humor is woven throughout each of the books in the series, and this one is no exception. Don’t hesitate to pick it up. 4 Stars

– Barb from Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words | Read the full review here.

The third book in North Pole City Tales series certainly lives up to other two books! It is filled with excitement, humor, tension and plenty of swoon-worthy moments. Vixen is feisty, silly and covetous, and Vale is romantic, sweet and all around wonderful! As always, it was nice to see glimpses of other characters from the series, particularly Rudy and Jack. All in all, this is a sweet Christmas story that will have you holding your breath half of the time and swooning the other. Highly recommended!. 4 1_2 Stars

– ~M from Slashsessed: Book Reviews | Read the full review here.

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