The world that Charlie Cochet has created in this series never fails to bring a smile to my face because all of the characters of Christmas and winter lore are represented in new and creative ways. 4 stars

– M from Slashsessed | Read the full review here.

These characters charm and delight their way through this love-conquers-all Christmas story in which the author takes some of the most beloved holiday traditions and images and makes them her own. From the beginning, to the exciting climax, and on to the final bow, Charlie Cochet delivers a cozy and heartwarming romance. 5 stars

– Lisa The Novel Approach | Read the full review here.

The world Charlie Cochet created is wonderfully imaginative, and her light humorous twists on words and phrases that we usually connect with Christmas stories are given to us in little nibbles of humor throughout this tale.  From Rudy excusing himself to go to the little elf’s room, aka the men’s room, and his and Jack’s worry about freezing their baubles off with a romp in the snow, her creativity shines through. 5 hearts

– Barb Hearts on Fire Reviews | Read the full review here.

Charlie Cochet puts us smack dab in the middle of North Pole City. Her imagery creates a fantasyland of sumptuous delights filled with rich palaces and sparkling ballrooms. Then she surrounds all of this wonder in a love so full and deep that you can’t help but believe. 4 stars

– Lisa Attention is Arbitrary | Read the full review here.

I loved this story and thought it was a very fitting one for Jack and Rudy. I recommend this to those who love a Christmas mystery, saving the one you love from themselves, cute elves, a strong abiding love, great characters and a very happy Christmas ending. 4 hearts

– Pixie MM Good Book Reviews | Read the full review here. 

This is a fun seasonal story…  There is a certain feel I get with seasonal romance such as this, and it is enchanting as much as it is humor filled.

– Sandra Rainbow Book Reviews | Read the full review here.

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