“…a fast paced, action/mystery with a classic noir feel to it. Charlie Cochet has woven a tale that grabs hold and doesn’t let go. This is a truly wonderful, sexy, romantic adventure and will definitely become a favorite for fans of male/male romance!5 stars

– Mallory LaneAffaire de Coeur Magazine | READ FULL REVIEW

I loved it. The true to life flawed characters, the plot, the mysterious story line, the way the author uses her words to set the scenes up, to keep it flowing smoothly, and just enough description to keep it from being overdone.5 hearts

– MicheleTop 2 Bottom Reviews|READ FULL REVIEW

I read a fabbo short story by this author a few weeks ago and so when I saw this novella I snapped it up. I really enjoyed this caper type story which pairs up a mix-matched couple in Remi and Hawk. Sparks fly when the pair are together and much of my enjoyment of this book was as a result of the banter between the characters.Excellent


“… a really enjoyable historical. I haven’t read many books set during this time period and Cochet really captures the feeling of the time. I really loved Hawk and Remi and the way that there was more to both of them than you see at first glance.”4.5 stars

– JayJoyfully Jay|READ FULL REVIEW

“I loved this book! The Amethyst Cat Caper is a short story filled with mystery, sweet romance and lovable characters.” 4.5 stars & a Recommended Read award

– Gennie G Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews|READ FULL REVIEW

Anyone who ever dreamed of slashing Sam Spade would feel right at home with Charlie Cochet’s detective romance. Set in 1934, this novella has the gritty feel of the ‘30s, where a country still mired in the Depression remembers the high life.” 4 stars

– Cryselle Reviews by Jessewave|READ FULL REVIEW

… with good period detail, movie-style flair, good characters and an ending which practically sets itself up for a whole series of “Capers” in the future, I have no problems with thoroughly recommending The Amethyst Cat Caper and look forward to more from Ms Cochet.4 stars

– Erastes Speak Its Name|READ FULL REVIEW

Reading Charlie Cochet’s THE AMETHYST CAT CAPER is very much like watching a film noir. Set in the 1930s it is stylish, polished, and moody. The ending was absolutely thrilling in the take your breath away kind of action. I enjoyed THE AMETHYST CAT CAPER very much.4 sweet peas

– Mrs. Condit Mrs. Condit & Friends|READ FULL REVIEW

“… an enjoyable read along with the clothes, furniture, the tea house, all of it reminded me of an old film noir movie. So if you enjoy historicals I think you can’t lose with this one.” 4 stars

– Tam Tam Reads, Writes, & Rambles|READ FULL REVIEW

The Amethyst Cat Caper could easily have been subtitled, “or the Case of the Stolen Hearts,” for as much as the Gentleman Thief scarpered with said cat from the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, it was Hawk and Remi who absconded with the true treasure in this quick-fire romance…4 stars

– Lisa The Novel Approach|READ FULL REVIEW

… I loved the book! Remi and Hawk were entertaining. As the sophistic and the rogue, the attraction was immediate and explosive. Many times I found myself smiling while reading.4 couples

– Red Dragonfly Confessions from Romaholics|READ FULL REVIEW

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