I really enjoyed this little story. I can’t recall reading any romances set during the prohibition era and I found that I am really interested in reading more of this time period, especially one where prohibition is key to the story. The author does an amazing job with her descriptions and development of the setting: from the flapper girls to Harlan’s Buick Roadster. I could imagine it all! 4 stars

– Heather C.The Blogger Girls | READ FULL REVIEW

Roses in the Devil’s Garden is a short and sublime little story set in New York City during the height of prohibition… Every single thing about this book drew me in: the title, the cover, the setting, the time period, the writing style, and most of all, the men who populated the piece.5 stars

– Lisa The Novel Approach | READ FULL REVIEW

I’ve never been a big fan of historicals, but I now snatch up anything she writes. Like the others, this story is saturated with period language that lends authenticity to the voice. Apparently these guys are coming back for more in the future and I can’t wait! Me Like.4.5 stars

– Cole The Armchair Reader|READ FULL REVIEW

If you like historical literature which includes lifestyles, morals, same sex relationships, passion, intrigue, and angst, then you may enjoy this story. Thanks, Charlie, for the intriguing, honest look at the prohibition time period.4 stars

– Lena Grey Rainbow Book Reviews|READ FULL REVIEW

What I particularly like about Cochet’s writing is her economy; somehow she manages to push a quart into a pint pot, as it were, and in the space of a small novella–hardly more than a longish short story, there’s action, romance, jealousy, character building, backstory, promise of more to come and more action. She makes it look easy and believe me it isn’t.4 stars

– Erastes Speak Its Name|READ FULL REVIEW

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