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When I sat down to write my very first gay holiday romance, it started out as a historical, yet somehow it ended up… not. Then of course, there are the elves. When I set out to do this story, there were so many paths to take as far as mood was concerned, it was really tough. I thought about Christmas, all the warm and fuzzy feelings I associated with it, and pretty soon I knew my story was going to be sweet.

by Nelso47For me–and I’m sure for plenty of folks out there, the holidays can get pretty stressful, so I thought about what sort of books I enjoy around the holidays, what movies make me smile, and what treats I found comforting. The first thing that came to my mind, was peppermint hot chocolate, my absolute favorite holiday drink. I’m a sucker for the sweet stuff. Then I started thinking about all things traditionally Winter/Christmas: sweets, cakes, candy, carols, snow, hot chocolate, cozy fireplaces, reindeer, and toy soldiers. Suddenly, this sweet face with warm eyes and a cheerful smile came to mind. His name was Tim.

NutcrackerSlowly but surely, all these images were swirling in my mind, and I decided to go for a story set in the North Pole, but when I started writing it, I started giving it somewhat of a twist. Despite being an elf, Tim wouldn’t work in Santa’s workshop. He wouldn’t make toys, or wear pointy shoes. He would… file invoices. What’s more, he hates it. Poor Tim. I ended up sticking him in the AAD- the Abominable Administrative Department working for Mayor Kringle. Tim has no discernible skills, and is the smallest elf at the office. To make matters worse, his supervisor Noel spends his work day making Tim’s life miserable. Noel is– well, I think you’ve probably figured out by now that Noel plays an important part in Tim’s life, which takes a drastic and strange turn thanks to Noel. Also featured is Jack Frost–the imposing Prince of Frost, and Rudy Rein Dear, Kringle’s ace pilot and Captain of the Rein Dear Squadron. Yep, I pretty much just went and made up my own North Pole with table-top dancing sugarplum fairies, crooked toy soldiers, and sexy elves. Enjoy!

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