This is a lovely and hysterical and hot romance! Charlie Cochet is great for giving us witty dialog and hot smexy times wrapped around interesting characters involved in intriguing drama. 5 Hearts

– Morgan from The Kimi-chan Experience | Read the full review here

A beautiful love story wrapped up in humour with just enough drama to give it an edge. This is a full 5 stars plus for me. 5 stars

– Deeze | Read the full review here

Alright, I’m going to say it. This is MY prompt and I’M SO FREAKING HAPPY WITH IT! It was a cute, sweet story about forbidden love with a great cast of characters and a great twist in the end! 5 stars

– Nikyta from The Blogger Girls | Read the full review here

Wonderful, truly wonderful. I fell in love with this story when the teasers started appearing in Nikyta’s Dear Author letter. I knew it was gonna be a good one. Laugh out loud funny. Brilliant! 5 stars

– D | Read the full review here

Love, love, loved this book. Altogether the writing was extremely well done, the characters were engaging, and the story sucked you in. I was rooting for Boone and Trip all the way. 5 stars

– Shelby | Read the full review here

Amazing read, great writing! I’m really looking forward to reading more… 5 stars

– Katie | Read the full review here

“loved this book. great story with wonderful characters. I also found a new author to follow.” 5 stars

– Sieran Allen- Field | Read the full review here

…loved this, loved the main characters and cannot wait to read more from this series. 5 stars

– ~*coffee*lover*~ | Read the full review here

…grabbed me and did not let me go. So funny and sweet! I can’t wait for more. 5 stars

– Jules0623 | Read the full review here

I loved the idea of a husky shifter.  Trip is so funny and sarcastic.  He loves Boone so much, you could see the two of them just wanted to be together so bad. Fun story… 4 roses

– Tj from Review Roses | Read the full review here

Oh this was a great bit of fun and humor and romance and sexiness. 4 stars

– LisaT from Attention is Arbitrary | Read the full review here

It was a hilarious, touching and engaging read. This book had almost everything, the sweets, the funnies, and the angst. 4 stars

– Pete W | Read the full reviw here

Really nice shifter story with a lot of humour, a like-able smart mouthed child and the excellent fugly mutant spiders! 4 stars

– K Mason | Read the full review here

Funny and sweet with a little angst thrown in! 4 stars

– Teresa | Read the full review here

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