Behind the Scenes

Please note: this information covers the whole series and will be added to as the series grows.


Provence of St. Veles – Heavily wooded landmass situated between Maine, USA and Nova Scotia. It is occupied primarily by canine shifters, though some feline shifters, as well as a few humans are known to reside in the area.

Vucari Woods – Largest forest in St. Veles which surrounds it on all sides. It is rumored to have many cursed areas, as well as evil spirits of legend known as the Likho.

Perin – Large town where the Hagan Clan resides.


Mates and Bonding

Alpha true mates – It is extremely rare to find true mates where one mate is an Alpha, but they do exist. If an Alpha has a true mate which is half-breed and they bond, the Alpha is enhanced with the strengths of the half-breed, along with any inherent traits the Alpha may need to affirm his position.

Pure blood true mates – Are rare, but less so than Alpha true mates. Some changes may occur after bonding.

Pure-blood / Half-breed mates – The blood of the half-breed when bonded with the pure-blood may bring about physical, supernatural, or psychological changes in the pure-blood.

Mates – A shifter can have more than one mate, as there are plenty of compatible partners. However once a shifter has bonded with a mate, a strong connection is made. Bonds are taken very serious by canine shifters. Merely having sex with a mate does not seal the bond.

Bonding – To seal a bond between mates, a strong physical and spiritual connection must be made. In order to accomplish this, the least feral of the pair must be at their most vulnerable when bitten by the more feral the pair. Although mates of any kind can have sex, the longer they are together, the fiercer the call to seal the bond will be, especially in the more feral mate.

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