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Exclusive April Newsletter Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Darkest Hour Before Dawn on April 25th, I’m having an exclusive Seb and Hudson gift pack giveaway! There’s going to be all kinds of goodies in this swag-tastic gift pack all centered around our adorable Seb and Lobito! From adorable mini Seb and Hudson, to tasty treats. This giveaway is open to international readers as well with the exception of any perishable foodstuffs, as sometimes those tend not to fare very well crossing the pond.

Giveaway ends May 17th at midnight Eastern US time.

To enter simply leave a comment below with your favorite THIRDS character moment.


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Exclusive May Newsletter Giveaway!

For this month’s newsletter exclusive we revealed the cover for The Foxling Soldati (Soldati Hearts, Book 2) which is due for release in August! To celebrate the new fabulous cover, we’re having another newsletter exclusive giveaway! This time with a tiger (Rayner) and fox (Toka) theme!

Giveaway ends June 15th at midnight Eastern US time.

To enter simply leave a comment below with your favorite non-big cat and non-wolf shifter!

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  1. I’m a big fan of dragon shifters. They’re my second favorite after tigers.

  2. I’m actually not that fond of shifters stories, usually (yours are an exception). But I’m a bit fascinated with the kind of shapeshifter who can shift in any animal he likes/wants/needs to, as Sam does in the The Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.

  3. Favorite THIRDS character moment? … Maybe Hudson talking with Dex about being marked by Seb… I can’t wait to be able to read Darkest Hour Before Dawn!!!

  4. My favorite THIRDS character moment is a wedding request of Sloane for Dex ♥

  5. What’s your favorite THIRDS character moment?
    The “felids’ box party” during Sloane move in: with Ethan’s “big tiger butt” in the box, Cael high on coffee and well a bad kitt… hum lion!

  6. I once read a book that had a self-conscious skunk shifter and it was adorable. I also like seeing otter shifters or bird shifters too. Oh, and I just enjoyed a book about a shifter who was a wild boar!

  7. My favorite THIRDS character moment was at the very end of Smoke & Mirrors when Dex & Sloane are visiting Dex’s parents’ graves and Dex tells his mom that he found Sloane. I may have sobbed a little.

  8. Hum, I think it was a story with a rabbit shifter. In human form the guy was a badass (well, very near Ash) but his animal counterpart was a rabbit and he was ashame of it, it was really funny! :)

  9. I enjoy the bird shifter stories too, it is nice to imagine being able to fly through the skies.

  10. Dragons are fascinating, but I think also a smaller animal like rabbit or hedgehog will be cute! I’d love to read that!

  11. Bears or dragons, although I am intrigued by the thought of hedgehog shifters!

  12. Favorite non-big cat/non-wolf shifter is definitely a dragon shifter!

  13. Bears and a few of the Dragon stories

  14. My favorite non-big cat/non-wolf shifter are dragon shifters. Thanks for the chance, Charlie.

  15. Bears, gotta love ’em, but I’m also fond of hedgehogs and I read a book about a chinchilla shifter I really enjoyed. Not seen any monkey shifters…ummmm

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