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September Exclusive Newsletter Giveaway

Hello, all! Thank you so much for being a newsletter subscriber! This month we have another exclusive newsletter giveaway. I’ll be giving away 5x GRL swag goody bags with THIRDS goodies! I’ll also be holding a giveaway on the blog for folks who aren’t able to attend GRL where I’ll be giving away some Threat Level Fuchsia buttons along with some other GRL swag items.

Giveaway ends October 8th at midnight (EST US time). Winners will be chosen at random and announced here on this page on October 9th!

To enter just leave a comment below: What’s your favorite type of swag? Or what’s the best piece of swag you’ve ever received from an author?

Thank you all again for joining in the fun!

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  1. For swags, I generally like mugs, shot glasses, magnets, t’s (large size:-).

  2. I have a couple coffee mugs from authors that I love. I especially love it when I walk into the kitchen and see my husband drinking out of the one with a very nice specimen of almost makes man on it! ;) I love pens and magnets also along with keychains.

  3. I love magnets, pens, shot glasses & mugs. Though my favourite swag so far was a transfer tattoo and a lip balm with the book cover on it.

  4. Never received swag so can’t answer that part. I do like prints (tend to buy these a lot at cons) nice and easy to display or store, tote bags are also very useful :)

  5. I’ll board the magnet and pen train, but I think my favorite piece of swag ever was the throw blanket from MLR Press at last year’s GRL.

  6. Definitely pens and bookmarks. Cups are always lovely as well.

  7. Emma Louise Burbidge

    Pens, bookmarks, buttons, postcards, fridge magnets, or coasters, and not to forget mouse mats or phone cases. Character cards are my absolute faves <3

  8. I’m a pen whore. I have a lot and I horde them. Beyond that some of the most interesting and useful swag I have gotten are a mini tape measure that I carry in my bag and a cell phone wallet. Thanks for the chance

  9. I like small things that fit the overall topic of the swag. In case of book swag that would be bookmarks, character cards, keychains and stuff like that. I also like figures, calenders, t-shirts and pins (have seen those things more when it comes to games).

  10. I like pins, magnets, stickers stuff you can use lots of ways.

  11. I have never received swag, so not sure what I’m suppose to pick. I read a book a night so bookmarks, magnets, pens, character cards, calendars and playing cards (with the characters on the cards).

  12. I love bookmarks and character cards the most.

  13. My favorite swag was a magnetic calendar; a daily reminder of the author and the series. However, for the Thirds series in particular, I’d like to have the cover art available in some way. The covers are absolutely perfect in depicting the books, and it would be cool to have them as prints/small posters or something like that.

  14. I like magnets, pens, coffee cups, or key chains.

  15. I love pens, paper, coffee cups, just about anything really.

  16. Honestly, I love unique swag specific to the books they represent. I also love things I can wear or carry, as well as stuffed animals. Of course, at the end of the day I usually love whatever swag the author ends up putting together; It’s always good stuff

  17. I really like character cards, postcards, and pens! I like collecting cards with nice art on it and pens are always useful.

  18. I love magnets & pens. Also anything that’s unique. So far my favorite piece of swag was an origami robot.

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