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Happy Ever After Blog – USA Today

Santa Baby, slip a little romance under the tree – 12/22/15
Exclusive Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Catch a Tiger by the Tail – 1/5/16
What’s the next big thing in romance? – 4/10/16
What’s your favorite old-timey movie? – 4/17/16

Against the Grain

Family Bonds – The Blogger Girls
Therians across the globe – The Novel Approach

Healing Hunter’s Heart

Shifters of St. Veles – The Novel Approach
Enforcers and the Devil Dogs – Prism Book Alliance

Rise & Fall

Greek Mythology in the THIRDS – Joyfully Jay
Therians in the THIRDS World – Boys in Our Books

Rack & Ruin

Goodbye from Destructive Delta – Prism Books Alliance
Afternoon Tea with Dex and Sloane – Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
Austen Payne – Attention is Arbitrary
Letty Guerrera – Love Bytes Romance Reviews
Calvin Summers & Ethan Hobbs – The Blogger Girls
Ash Keeler – TTC Books and More
Cael Maddock – Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews
Rosa Santiago – MM Good Books Reviews
Dr. Hudson Colbourn – It’s About the Book
Dexter J. Daley – Bookwinked
Sloane Brodie – The Novel Approach
Sergeant Anthony Maddock – Carly’s Book Reviews
Invitation from Lieutenant Sparks – Hearts on Fire Reviews

Blood & Thunder

Writing Dexter J. Daley – Joyfully Jay
First Generation Therian History – Hearts on Fire Reviews
Secondary Characters – The Novel Approach
5 Things You Might Not Know About Dexter. J. Daley – The Blogger Girls
The Boys are Back in Town – Prism Book Alliance

Hell & High Water

Therian Agents – Attention is Arbitrary
Destructive Delta – Love Bytes
Unit Alpha –Prism Book Alliance
THIRDS agents – Joyfully Jay
Law Enforcement and the THIRDS – The Blogger Girls
Worldbuilding the THIRDS – Boys in Our Books
Writing the THIRDS – The Novel Approach
Welcome to THIRDS HQ – Lex Chase
Writing a Series – Vastine Bondurant

A Rose by Any Other Name

Ares – Bookwinked
Interview with Harlan & Nate – Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
920s Research – Prism Book Alliance
The Erotes – Attention is Arbitrary
The Pantheon – Hearts on Fire Reviews

The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolf

All That Jazz – ARe Cafe
Welcome to Hawthorne Manor –The Novel Approach
Billiard Room Brouhaha –Author Sue Brown
A Trip to the Town of Aylesbury – Author Kim Fielding
Time for Tea –Author Lex Chase
Stopping for a Pint – Author Andrew Q. Gordon
Visiting the Furry Hat Man –Author Eden Winters
Meet Gideon Brooks –Author Michael Rupured
Meet Rori Curtis –Author Shira Anthony
Meet Aubrey Jepson –Attention is Arbitrary
Meet Oliver Darling –Hearts on Fire
Meet Elliot Young –Author Elin Gregory
Meet Connor & Edmund Grey –Joyfully Jay
The Devilish Duo –Mrs. Condit & Friends

Vixen’s Valor

Holiday Traditions – The Novel Approach
The Frost monarchy – V’s Reads
The Rein Dear – Hearts on Fire Reviews
Tasty Treats – MM Good Books Reviews
The North Pole City Tales Series – Prism Book Alliance

The Heart of Frost

The Heart of Frost –The Novel Approach
Music Inspiration The Heart of Frost –Joyfully Jay
The Heart of Frost –Lex Chase
DreamspinnerFacebook Chat
Charlie Cochet’s blog
Michael Rupured
Attention is Arbitrary
Release PartyDreamspinner Blog


Love in Bloom –Guys Like Romance, Too!
RainbowCon Countdown Guest Post –Joyfully Jay
Inspirational Dreams –Coffee and Porn in the Morning
Guest Spot –Z.A. Maxfield
Venturing Into the World of Epic Worldbuilding –Kim Fielding’s Blog
Behind the Cover Art –Mickie B. Ashling’s blog
Has love ever walked in on you? –Guys Like Romance, Too!
Summer Fling – SJD Peterson’s Blog
Charlie Cochet –Joyfully Jay
Day 54: Reading to Salisbury – Guest Remington Trueblood – Carrying the Torch
Being the New Kid in Writertown. A Top 10 List – Josephine Myles Blog
Shifters in the 1930s? You betcha!! – Guys Like Romance, Too!
Day 69: Camden to Westminster – A Yank in London – Carrying the Torch
Meet Charlie Cochet – Guest over at My Glass House
Advent Calendar Post – Speak Its Name

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