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Happy Ever After Blog – USA Today

Santa Baby, slip a little romance under the tree – 12/22/15
Exclusive Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Catch a Tiger by the Tail – 1/5/16
What’s the next big thing in romance? – 4/10/16
What’s your favorite old-timey movie? – 4/17/16

Against the Grain

Family Bonds – The Blogger Girls
Therians across the globe – The Novel Approach

Healing Hunter’s Heart

Shifters of St. Veles – The Novel Approach
Enforcers and the Devil Dogs – Prism Book Alliance

Rise & Fall

Greek Mythology in the THIRDS – Joyfully Jay
Therians in the THIRDS World – Boys in Our Books

Rack & Ruin

Goodbye from Destructive Delta – Prism Books Alliance
Afternoon Tea with Dex and Sloane – Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
Austen Payne – Attention is Arbitrary
Letty Guerrera – Love Bytes Romance Reviews
Calvin Summers & Ethan Hobbs – The Blogger Girls
Ash Keeler – TTC Books and More
Cael Maddock – Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews
Rosa Santiago – MM Good Books Reviews
Dr. Hudson Colbourn – It’s About the Book
Dexter J. Daley – Bookwinked
Sloane Brodie – The Novel Approach
Sergeant Anthony Maddock – Carly’s Book Reviews
Invitation from Lieutenant Sparks – Hearts on Fire Reviews

Blood & Thunder

Writing Dexter J. Daley – Joyfully Jay
First Generation Therian History – Hearts on Fire Reviews
Secondary Characters – The Novel Approach
5 Things You Might Not Know About Dexter. J. Daley – The Blogger Girls
The Boys are Back in Town – Prism Book Alliance

Hell & High Water

Therian Agents – Attention is Arbitrary
Destructive Delta – Love Bytes
Unit Alpha – Prism Book Alliance
THIRDS agents – Joyfully Jay
Law Enforcement and the THIRDS – The Blogger Girls
Worldbuilding the THIRDS – Boys in Our Books
Writing the THIRDS – The Novel Approach
Welcome to THIRDS HQ – Lex Chase
Writing a Series – Vastine Bondurant

A Rose by Any Other Name

Ares – Bookwinked
Interview with Harlan & Nate – Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
920s Research – Prism Book Alliance
The Erotes – Attention is Arbitrary
The Pantheon – Hearts on Fire Reviews

The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolf

All That Jazz – ARe Cafe
Welcome to Hawthorne Manor – The Novel Approach
Billiard Room Brouhaha – Author Sue Brown
A Trip to the Town of Aylesbury –  Author Kim Fielding
Time for Tea – Author Lex Chase
Stopping for a Pint –  Author Andrew Q. Gordon
Visiting the Furry Hat Man – Author Eden Winters
Meet Gideon Brooks – Author Michael Rupured
Meet Rori Curtis –  Author Shira Anthony
Meet Aubrey Jepson – Attention is Arbitrary
Meet Oliver Darling – Hearts on Fire
Meet Elliot Young – Author Elin Gregory
Meet Connor & Edmund Grey – Joyfully Jay
The Devilish Duo – Mrs. Condit & Friends

Vixen’s Valor

Holiday Traditions – The Novel Approach
The Frost monarchy – V’s Reads
The Rein Dear – Hearts on Fire Reviews
Tasty Treats – MM Good Books Reviews
The North Pole City Tales Series – Prism Book Alliance

The Heart of Frost

The Heart of Frost – The Novel Approach
Music Inspiration The Heart of Frost – Joyfully Jay
The Heart of Frost – Lex Chase
Dreamspinner Facebook Chat
 Charlie Cochet’s blog
Michael Rupured
Attention is Arbitrary
Release Party Dreamspinner Blog


Love in Bloom – Guys Like Romance, Too!
RainbowCon Countdown Guest Post – Joyfully Jay
Inspirational Dreams – Coffee and Porn in the Morning
Guest Spot – Z.A. Maxfield
Venturing Into the World of Epic Worldbuilding – Kim Fielding’s Blog
Behind the Cover Art – Mickie B. Ashling’s blog
Has love ever walked in on you? – Guys Like Romance, Too!
Summer Fling – SJD Peterson’s Blog
Charlie Cochet – Joyfully Jay
Day 54: Reading to Salisbury – Guest Remington Trueblood – Carrying the Torch
Being the New Kid in Writertown. A Top 10 List – Josephine Myles Blog
Shifters in the 1930s? You betcha!! – Guys Like Romance, Too!
Day 69: Camden to Westminster – A Yank in London – Carrying the Torch
Meet Charlie Cochet – Guest over at My Glass House
Advent Calendar Post – Speak Its Name 

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