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I’ve joined some fab authors in writing a round robin story called Different Tracks. The authors are Sophie Bonaste, Brynn Stein, Grace Duncan, Suki Fleet, Elizabeth Noble, Kim Fielding, and Lane Hayes. A new chapter will be posted every Monday and Thursday.

Different Tracks LG

Different Tracks Schedule

Part 1: Jan 5th – Sophie Bonaste
Part 2: Jan 8th – Brynn Stein
Part 3: Jan 12th – Grace R. Duncan
Part 4: Jan 15th – Suki Fleet
Part 5: Jan 19th – Elizabeth Noble
Part 6: Jan 22nd – Kim Fielding
Part 7: Jan 26th – Sophie Bonaste
Part 8: Jan 29th – Charlie Cochet
Part 9: Feb 2nd – Sophie Bonaste
Part 10: Feb 5th – Brynn Stein
Part 11: Feb 9th – Grace R. Duncan
Part 12: Feb 12th – Suki Fleet
Part 13: Feb 16th – Elizabeth Noble
Part 14: Feb 19th – Kim Fielding
Part 15: Feb 23rd – Grace R. Duncan
Part 16: Feb 26th – Charlie Cochet
Part 17: March 2nd – Lane Hayes
Part 18: March 5th – Brynn Stein
Part 19: March 9th – Grace R. Duncan
Part 20: March 12th – Suki Fleet
Part 21: March 16th – Elizabeth Noble
Part 22: March 19th – Kim Fielding
Part 23: March 23 – Charlie Cochet
Part 24: March 26th – Lane Hayes
Epilogue: April 3rd – Grace R. Duncan


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  1. Hi, I can’t find todays Monday instalment can you help? Love it so far…

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